About us

YKS LIFT, which has been growing continuously with its vast experience since 1998 with the principle of "providing world-class solutions and providing satisfaction to its customers with competitive prices and quality products suitable for the world economy", is one of the leading companies in the sector, taking an active role in its activities and showing continuous improvement in the sector. has managed to become a well-known and recommended company. With its high production technology, specialized staff and group companies with which it cooperates, YKS LIFT continues to produce elevator cabins and full automatic doors in accordance with international standards, and to supply package elevators in different designs and types, constantly increasing its product range with its R&D-oriented production studies. . Our company, where we are constantly expanding our projects with our valuable business partners from countries such as Germany, Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, continues its activities with determination and enthusiasm in the way it aims to multiply our business partnerships from all over the world.


Our company, which carries our quality, innovative and distinctive products to the world as well as Turkey, adopts customer satisfaction as a principle and always tries to provide the best service to its customers, has set itself the goal of being the most preferred brand in the sector and all over the world, and is rapidly advancing on this path.


To meet customer expectations at the highest level with a wide product range by providing the right quality-price ratio.